High Speed Fully Automatic paper cup making machine

The Paper cup making machine Model Number – IDC/S-90 is a high speed, fully automated machine that introduces some amazing automatic technologies such as paper feeding, heat sealing, cup top lubricating and much more. The paper making machine is designed keeping in mind high speed paper cup production and accuracy of each batch. With its 4 KW power it can produce up to 60 to 85 cups per minute. It is not only efficient with power consumption but also great on technological efficiency. The machine is specialised in producing different types of cups for cold and warm beverages. With its longer life span and high precision technology, you can expect your benefits rising from day one itself. Paper cup machine prices are even affordable and amazing for cost benefits.

What it do

Paper cups are always in heavy demand. For all types of beverages and drinks, it is the best disposable option. Our Paper cup manufacturing machine Model Number – IDC/S-90 takes the disposable paper cup production to another level. It is fully automated with high speed and heavy production. It has a compact body and can ensure a stable operation consistently. It is capable of handling all operations related to paper making within its compact system. The efficient collection system keeps the production batch neat and tidy making it easier to handle them. It is very easy to operate as well which makes the fully automated systems great for paper cup making.


You should choose our Paper cup making machine Model Number – IDC/S-90 (Fully automatic) because it can offer:

Easy To operate system

Lasting Durability And Reliability

Compact and independent paper cup making machine

High Speed fully automatic technology

Noise-resistant Interference

Quick Installation and low Maintenance

Cost -saving benefits on installation and operation