Non Woven Bag Machine Details:

IDC S-550 M Knitting Bag Printing Machine

1. Product Description: ( Four colour Printing Machine)

1. Meter counter equipped with pre-alarming bell.

2. 1500-3500p/h, steeples governor.

3.Imported PVC Transmission belt, automatic positioning

4.Printing roller can be automatically tracing and separating

5.Oil leaking device can be replaced freely, oil-ink roller and offset can be separated and harmonized

6.Transferring oil-ink by roller moir, enhancing polished light for printing, saving oil-ink

7.Rear transmission can be delayed with the function of airing

8.High precision, the colour overprint

2. Main technology parameter:

Motor Power: 1.5KW(AC)

Plate Making Thickness: 4-5mm

Working Members: 3Persons

Printing Speed:1500-3500 Pcs/H

Max. Printing Area:1200×640mm Max

.Material Feeding:1200×800mm