Automatic N95 face mask machine

Being a leading producer and supplier of N95 Mask Making Machines, IDC has always given priority to quality and latest technology. The latest N95 Mask Machine has also been developed keeping in mind all the industry standards and fully automatic functioning. It can be controlled by PLC and is very effective in handling welding, tool die cutting mechanism and much more. The welding and cutting heads operate simultaneously, and the action is precise. IDC only manufactures its machines with the best and excellent quality material. Durability and resistant technology is guaranteed when you are working with IDC's N95 mask making machines. The seamless automatic functioning of the Mask making machine is very popular in customers as well.

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What it do

The basic tasks of automatic N95 face mask making machines is to produce fully completed N95 masks without any human interference. IDC is the leading automatic N95 face mask machine manufacturer that has brought forward technology that automatically adds nose bridge strip, folding, moulding fusion, and final goods cut off. The production can even be customised as per the preference of the user. The Fully Automatic N95 Mask Making Machine is made of excellent materials which offer fast speed in mask production with accuracy and resilience. The automatic production and computation offered by this device also improves the overall manufacturing efficiency and speed. Depending on the specific requirement of the user the frequency converter control can be used to change the operating speed as well. It is made to be easy to use by all users and offer high accuracy and quality in the production of N95 masks.


You should choose our Automatic N95 face mask machine because it can offer:

  • Fully automatic functioning
  • Ultrasonically welded seams
  • Material-handling rollers
  • Accurate and neat mask folding
  • Feeding of the nose clip
  • Ear loop straps that are cut and welded together
  • Stacking and unloading of the final products

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