High Speed 3 ply mask machine with earloop welding machine (Fully Automatic):

The IDC group provides the highest-quality and most efficient surgical face mask manufacturing machine on the market. Our world-class high-speed disposable face mask manufacturing equipment is capable of supplying a completely automated mask manufacturing line. It is made up of two machines: a mask making machine and an ear loop welding machine, respectively. Both of these elements are perfectly integrated into a single machine to provide smooth production while maintaining the highest level of quality. A complete surgical face mask can be produced at a rate of 100 to 120 pieces per minute with our high speed 3 ply mask machine. The mask specifications would be 175 mm by 95 mm with one to four layers of non-woven fabric.

What it do

When manufacturing surgical face masks, accuracy and quality must be given high priority. This is why we have designed our high speed 3 ply mask machine which can offer top-notch quality consistently. Our face mask making machines make complete face masks from scratch. It takes all the needed raw materials like fabric, elastics, etc. from the feeder. Then the machine does its job to accurately make it into a specific type of mask depending on the given instructions. When the mask is ready, it goes for ear loop welding which is already integrated into our machines. Once the welding is done, you have a complete surgical face mask ready to ship out. With the amazing speed our face mask making machines can offer, you can easily get 120 face masks ready within a minute.


You should choose our High Speed 3 ply mask machine with earloop welding machine (Fully Automatic) because it can offer:

Easy To Use Mechanism

Best Quality Production With Long Lasting Durability And Reliability

Ultrasonic Welding Technology

Noise-resistant Interference

Quick Installation And Maintenance

Detailed specifications

Model : IDC/S-190

Weight : 800kg

Speed : 100 to 120 per minute

Power : 220v/50 Hz

Dimensions : 6000,3000, 1800 mm (L, W, H)

Mask dimensions : 175 mm by 95 mm

High speed one : flat mask machine